3000 calories and 150 gram protein Diet for muscle building: Indian edition

By Get-Info Sep 24, 2023

This diet plan is perfect for the teenagers or the boys who are struggling to get there body in perfect shape.

In breakfast we will take two tablespoon peanut butter, one cup oats, one glass of milk and one banana and grind it well and drink it later.

After 2 hours from breakfast we will eat 50 grams of soyabean boiled, 4 dates and again one banana. Now our total calorie till now is around 1300 to 1400.

For lunch we will eat 3 chapati, one bowl dal curry, one Katori dahi, half Katori rice and one usual sabji which takes up to 600 calories.

For evening snack we will have two boiled eggs, to small potatoes (boiled) and again the same milkshake we have done in the breakfast.

For dinner we can have two chapatis, half bowl rice, one dal curry and one katori sabji which in total takes up to 3100 calories and 150 gram of protein.

This diet is perfect for bodybuilding and gaining weight which gives balance between fats carbs and fibre.

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